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Welcome to class 1GA at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Mrs Amblin, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Happy Blogging!


Well done 1GA, we made it to the end of year 1 (for us all!!)
Mrs Woodthorpe and I are so proud of how you have all grown this year and how you have all approached the challenges we have all faced recently. What Tough Tortoises you all are!

We want to take this moment to remind you of all the amazing memories we have shared together, from our animal visitors, learning about the Great Fire of London, countless Helicopter Stories and all of the songs that we have sung together. You might remember the video below:

We are so thankful to have spent this year with you as your teachers and I (Mrs Amblin) cannot wait to see what you all get upto in Year 2, from across the corridor!

We took this picture to celebrate the end of our first half term together! 🙂 +

Have an amazing summer and stay safe.

Mrs Amblin and Mrs Woodthorpe

Daily Challenge 16.7.20

Hello all,

Today I want you to have a think about you favourite memory from year 1. It might be learning about the Three Little Pigs, Great Fire of London, Titanic or the Animal Kingdom. It could be that your favourite memory is doing your class assembly or singing songs at Christmas.

Have a think and write in the comments what your favourite memory is!

Mrs Amblin

Home Learning in 1GA

Happy Friday 1GA! Firstly, a huge well done to Haset who is our Home Learning Hero this week. Haset and her sister Msgana had a great time being ACE Athletes and trying their hardest in the Virtual Sports Day. Well done Haset.

Let’s see what else is going on in 1GA!

Huw and brother Gryff has an extra special visitor in his garden on Monday. They watched him closely as he shuffled across the garden.

Caitlyn has been continuing with her maths, writing, reading, music, art and baking (she must be exhausted!!) But this week she has also been making electric circuits! Such a busy bee!

Katherine has been painting pictures of the seasons.

Daisy and her sister Maddie made this amazing bug hotel to encourage wildlife in her garden.

Cristian really enjoyed making his Stickman!

Pippa has really enjoyed making the daylight hours pictogram.

Kareem has been in Whitby, collecting rocks and exploring the seaside. He was amazing to find some amazing igneous rocks, that were formed from volcanic lava!

Lana and Eseohe have worked really hard in their writing this week to develop new characters for their stories. I can’t wait to see what happens in their stories next week!

Have an amazing weekend 1GA!

Songs and Signs of the week

This week our Sing Up Song of the week is “I can see clearly now the rain has gone” – how appropriate! Take a look at the video below to learn it.

There are more resources to help you learn this song here:

Makaton Sign of the Week

This week, Justin from Something Special has stepped in to teach us the sign, take a look here:

Here I am, having a go!

Happy singing and signing!

Daily Challenges 8.7.20

Good morning! Today’s arithmetic challenge involves missing number problems. Read the number sentence carefully – the equals sign may not always be in the same place! Good luck!

___ + 9 = 10

15 + ___ = 20

12 – ___ = 9

7 + ___ = 14

15 – ___ = 10

___ – 2 = 5

10 = ___ + 4

8 = 5 + ___