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Welcome to class 1GA at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Mrs Amblin, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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A special visitor

We had a very special visitor in year 1 today.

Samuel Pepys came to talk to us, and tell us all about life in 1666. We heard about the periwIg he wore, which was made from real hair (!) as well as the music that written and performed in 1666. This was written by composer, Henry Purcell.

We also learned about how the Great Fire of London started. We learned about Thomas Farriner’s Bakery, and how the fire spread from Pudding Lane across London. We also learned how Londoners of the day tried to put the fire out, using a waterchain. This was when buckets of water were passed along rows of people from the Thames to the fire.

We also learned how the fire was put out. There were two main factors to this, the strong winds died down so the fire was not being blown as quickly across the city and the authorities had started exploding houses strategically around the fire to stop the fire from spreading to others.

This afternoon was a really interesting start to our Great Fire of London topic and we’re really looking forward to exploring further.

Burning Fire

Welcome back to Autumn 2!

This half term we will learn all about the Great Fire of London. This week, we have been getting to grips with what fire is and how it behaves.
To do this, we had our own fire in the fire pit. We watched how the fire destroyed the wood and paper and how anything in the fire pit was irretrievable. This made us think about the destructive nature of fire and how important the emergency services are to help us stay safe this time of year during different festivals and celebrations.

We have used fire as inspiration to write some ‘verb noun’ poems. A noun is word which names a person, place or thing. Verbs are words which convey action, they tell us what a noun is doing, having or being. We thought of verbs and nouns about fire as a class and used these to create our own poems.

Our first half term in 1GA

What a fantastic first half term in 1GA! We are all tired, but it has been such an exciting 8 weeks of new routines and new things to learn.

Here we are, celebrating 8 weeks of success!

We have also created some amazing pieces of art today to celebrate one very notorious character we have come to know this half term – the big bad wolf.
We sat for 20 minutes today, looking at pictures of real wolves and noticing the shapes and textures of their faces and bodies. We used these noticing skills to draw and create our own in our sketch books. I have included a few below.

Have an amazing and well deserved half term break.
See you in November!

Beware of Boys

Our new book hook features a boy that uses his knowledge of cooking to outsmart a wolf.

This week we have been inspired by the recipe for “Boy Soup” to make some soup of our own. This time with autumn vegetable, not children…

With the help of Mrs Walker in the children have all had a go at making soup this week. We even had a taste of our soup on Thursday. The soup was warming and delicious, we’re definitely looking forward to writing our own soup recipes next week.

Black History Week

This week we have focussed on the story of Handa’s surprise. Handa is a young girl from Kenya who decides to take 7 delicious fruits to her friends village. Unknown to Handa, her basket is emptied by hungry animals and is only filled again when she walks under a shaking tangerine tree.

Handa’s Surprise has taken over our classroom this week, please see pictures below.

We were also very lucky this week when Caitlyn brought in a beautiful book called ‘Young, Gifted & Black’ about prominent figures in history to share with the class. We read about Leeds boxer Nicola Adams, musician Stevie Wonder and Arctic explorer Matthew Henson.

Goldilock’s words in 1GA

We learn a new ‘Goldilock’s word’ every week through our class reading book. a ‘Goldilock’s word’ is a word that is ‘just right’, a word that we can use in our writing. Each new word has an action that we create as a class and practice together.

Our words so far this term are:
– escaped
– decided
– catch
– disappear

Below are some videos showing our actions.

UK Food

This Wednesday, we visited Mrs Walker in the cafe and tasted different foods from the four countries of the UK. Some children who have shown fantastic ‘going for gold’ behaviour since the start of year 1 we given the opportunity to help Mrs Walker prepare the welsh rarebit (cheese on toast! yum).

We tried:
– Soda bread from Northern Ireland
– Oat cakes from Scotland
– Welsh rarebit (cheese on toast) from Wales
– Cream teas (scones with cream and jam) from England

We then voted for our favourite; it was a tie between rarebit and cream teas!

Our Self Portraits

At the start of each year we draw our self portraits. To create our portraits, we used mirrors to look really closely at our faces and pencils to draw them carefully.

We will be revisiting our self portraits at the start of each term to see how our art skills progress.

1GA with our self portraits. 16.9.19

Helicopter Stories in 1GA

What an exciting first two weeks we’ve had in 1GA. We are starting to get use to new routines and structures.

One very exciting new addition to life in year 1 has been our Helicopter Stories, this is an active story session where our classroom is transformed into a stage (through the simple use of masking tape!!).

So far we have written stories together, Jack and the Beanstalk and Three Little Pigs. As the year goes on, the children will have the opportunity to write their own ”Helicopter Story’ which will go in our class story book.

Once a story has been written, we act it out as a class on our stage, some children are actors and some are story listeners.

We have watched little pigs, big bad wolves, giants and even beanstalks. We’re very excited to see what other characters come to life on our classroom stage!