Design and Technology in 1GA

This half term one of our projects has been to make a 17th Century house in the style of those that were burnt in the Great Fire of London. We had three main steps; designing, making and evaluation.

First we designed our houses…

Next we made them – this was the messy part!

Finally, we evaluated our finished models. We thought about which part of the process we had enjoyed the most and then thought about whether we would have done anything differently.

The Great Fire of Allerton

This week we have been recounting the events of our own fire and writing newspaper reports.
This has been a complete change from our previous diaries, which are all written in first person. The newspaper reports are in third person and tell us information about the event. We even wrote our own headlines to grab the attention of the reader.

To help us write our own reports, we used this example. First, we looked for different features of a newspaper report including:

– headline
– a photo
– caption
– a quote

This helped us to know what we would need to include when we wrote our own newspaper reports. 

Below are some examples of our reports from Kareem, Daisy and Valerio.

Becoming Samuel Pepys

This week we have used drama to inform our writing.

We have been writing some diary entries as Samuel Pepys this week. One feature of diary writing is the use of first person, i.e. using “I” – This can be tricky.

So… To get into the character of Mr Pepys, we became him through the technique hot seating. This is where someone pretends to be a character and they are asked questions and they respond as that character.

Obviously, you can’t be Samuel Pepys without a proper periwig.

This really helped us to become Samuel Pepys and helped the writing process.
Below are some examples of our diaries, from Elijah, Lily, Caitlyn, Pippa and Isaac

Burning Fire

Welcome back to Autumn 2!

This half term we will learn all about the Great Fire of London. This week, we have been getting to grips with what fire is and how it behaves.
To do this, we had our own fire in the fire pit. We watched how the fire destroyed the wood and paper and how anything in the fire pit was irretrievable. This made us think about the destructive nature of fire and how important the emergency services are to help us stay safe this time of year during different festivals and celebrations.

We have used fire as inspiration to write some ‘verb noun’ poems. A noun is word which names a person, place or thing. Verbs are words which convey action, they tell us what a noun is doing, having or being. We thought of verbs and nouns about fire as a class and used these to create our own poems.