Home Learning in 1GA

Happy Friday 1GA! Firstly, a huge well done to Haset who is our Home Learning Hero this week. Haset and her sister Msgana had a great time being ACE Athletes and trying their hardest in the Virtual Sports Day. Well done Haset.

Let’s see what else is going on in 1GA!

Huw and brother Gryff has an extra special visitor in his garden on Monday. They watched him closely as he shuffled across the garden.

Caitlyn has been continuing with her maths, writing, reading, music, art and baking (she must be exhausted!!) But this week she has also been making electric circuits! Such a busy bee!

Katherine has been painting pictures of the seasons.

Daisy and her sister Maddie made this amazing bug hotel to encourage wildlife in her garden.

Cristian really enjoyed making his Stickman!

Pippa has really enjoyed making the daylight hours pictogram.

Kareem has been in Whitby, collecting rocks and exploring the seaside. He was amazing to find some amazing igneous rocks, that were formed from volcanic lava!

Lana and Eseohe have worked really hard in their writing this week to develop new characters for their stories. I can’t wait to see what happens in their stories next week!

Have an amazing weekend 1GA!

Home Learning in 1GA

Firstly! I have had soooo many pictures, emails and videos this week!! Thankyou so much for these!

Our Home Learning Heroes this week are Isaac, Valerio and Pippa! Well done all!!

Isaac has been working so hard this week. He has loved exploring Julia Donaldson through his writing and AMAZING drawing – look at that mouse! Wow! He also made a restaurant for sister Phoebe which had a menu which games on the back – fantastic idea!

Pippa has blown me away this week because not only is she in school, working hard Monday to Wednesday, on a Thursday and Friday she comes home and works hard all over again! This week she has been completing daily challenges, phonics tasks AND even finding time to climb the apple tree!

Valerio has also been a busy bee! He has been working hard at his maths, he made this SUPER insect collage and he has been reading more Julia Donaldson books on his own to his family! What a superstar!

Let’s find out what else has been going on in 1GA at home!

Amy and Ahmed have both been Reading Eggs Superstars and have made really fantastic progress on Reading Eggs, with Amy now ready to start Reading Eggspress!! WOW!

Huw and his brother Gryff have been cleaning the streets of their local are with their litter pickers, what a great idea! Caitlyn has been in the garden with her little brother Reuben, playing football – she looks unstoppable! What great ways to get outside and get active!

Ese and Cristian got stuck into the ACE Artist task and made different minibeasts using natural objects!

Talking of minibeasts, look at this picture that Kareem took of a GRASSHOPPER he found! What a fantastic creature to find outside! He must have been very still and very quiet to take that picture!

Meanwhile, Maryam and her sister Hajra have been learning all about money, they set up a shop in their house and practiced using the right coins! Joshuah has been helping his mum to make delicious treats for his family. Katherine has been exploring Ilkley Moor, she particularly enjoyed scrambling up all of the rocks and then jumping down again!

Well done 1GA, keep it up!

Daily Challenges 19.6.20

Happy Friday Everyone

Arithmetic today will be crossing 10. Think about what strategies you can use before starting today. Make sure you are noticing the details in the questions, there are addition and subtraction! Good Luck 🙂









Multiplication Challenge

I have another challenge for you year 1 – have a look at the video below!

Find different ways of showing 4 x 3 = using objects to make arrays.

Premier League Challenge

Every Friday the Premier League release a family challenge – Take a look at this week’s challenge to celebrate the return of football to our screens! https://plprimarystars.com/news/friday-family-challenge

Home Learning in 1GA

Well done to Cristian and Ese, you have been super Home Learning Heroes this week!

Ese is always enthusiastic and has worked consistently hard at home. This week she has made a fantastic ‘missing’ poster for Superworm!

Cristian has been working in school and at home! I’m really proud of his tough tortoise attitude to his learning!

Let’s have a look at what else has been going on in 1GA at home!

Maryam and Katherine have loved looking at Julia Donaldson’s books. Maryam made a poster all about her favourite books by Julia Donaldson and Katherine (with little sister Emma) made this amazing diorama of the Superworm front cover.

Lana, Daisy, Caitlyn and Erin have been working hard to find Superworm, making these lovely missing posters. I think we’ll definitely find him with those great descriptive sentences and Caitlyn’s £100,000 reward!

Pippa has been using adjectives to describe Superworm!

Valerio has been working hard on his maths, phonics and daily challenges! He’s been a super reflective butterfly and used a green pen to edit the sentences.

Huw and Erin worked as Team Ant to make this AMAZING den! It’s huge, I bet you’re both stronger than Superworm now after lifting all those huge branches!

Kareem has been writing poems, AGAIN! I think Kareem might become a poet when he’s older! This is a poem for his Chachu (uncle), I love the idea of pineapple cannons!!

Finally, the weather report with Amy.

Keep going 1GA, you are all superstars!

Daily Challenge 11.6.20

Good morning Year 1!

Today’s arithmetic challenge is a counting forward and back challenge. Complete the number tracks below. Make sure you are a real tough tortoise and look for whether the track is counting forward or back!

23, 24, 25, 26, _____, 28

46, 47, _____, 49, 50

18, 19, _____, 21, _____

73, _____, _____, 76, 77

31, 32, _____, 34, _____

88, 89, _____, _____, 92

25, ____, 23, 22, _____

67, 66, _____, _____, 63, 62

9.6.20 Daily Challenges

Today’s arithmetic challenge is adding 5 to different numbers.









Move like a minibeast Challenge

Breaking the Rules

You can do it outdoors or inside. You have to move like all of these different minibeasts!
Which of these creatures are in Superworm?

  • lie on the ground and wriggle like a worm
  • flap your arms like a butterfly flutters its wings
  • put you hands on the floor and scuttle about like a spider
  • do some giant leaps like a cricket
  • crawl on the floor then curl up into a ball like a woodlouse.

Have a lovely day 1GA!

Home Learning in 1GA

Well done to Erin and Ahmed! Our Home Learning Heroes this week!

Erin has really hit the ground running in her home learning this week, full of enthusiasm! I love your weather map!

Ahmed always impresses me with his mix of life skills, this week helping in the garden and his dedication to his daily home learning! Keep it up!

Let’s have a look at what else has been going on in 1GA at home!

Hawa and Noor have also been ACE Gardeners!

Haset and Cristian has been working hard. Haset has been an ACE Reader, watching the Read Write Inc videos and Cristian has been recording the weather.

Valerio has been a Beautiful Butterfly in his home learning this week, using his green pen to reflect on his learning and improve! I also like you’ve spotted the special friend ‘i-e’ in like!

Ese has really impressed me this week with her writing task! She took all the rhyming pairs from ‘Superworm’ and wrote her own rhyming sentences. What a tough tortoise!

We have another Birthday in 1GA this week!
Happy Birthday for TODAY Pippa! I hope you have had a lovely day.
Here is a picture from our maths learning in school this week.

Finally… I’ll leave you with a special Weather Report!
I think we might see Maryam on out tele screens soon!

Keep it up 1GA. You’re all amazing 🙂

Mrs Amblin